dr browns bottle sterilizer
Is The Dr. Brown's All-In-One Sterilizer Easy To Use and Setup?
For all of the new dads and parents out there wondering if the Dr. Brown’s All-In-One sterilizer...
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What to Expect During the Second Trimester of Pregnancy
The Exciting Journey of the Second Trimester Witnessing the miracle of pregnancy just happen before...
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3 Essential Items For Your Wife's First Trimester of Pregnancy
Navigating the First Trimester As expecting fathers, we witness this incredible journey that unfolds...
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The Importance of Skin-to-Skin Time for New Fathers
Skin-to-Skin Contact for New Fathers As a soon-to-be father, I’m learning from experienced...
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6 Essential Self-Care Tips for New Fathers
As a soon-to-be father, the journey of parenthood is so exciting, yet overwhelming. I’ve spoken...
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3 Ways To Support Your Wife During Pregnancy
Pregnancy is hard on women. Their bodies go through so much, and it’s something that as men, we...
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Nervous about being a new father?
It’s understandable to feel exactly how you’re feeling right now. You just received some...
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brand new dad
Welcome to The Brand New Dad!
This blog is for the brand new dads of the world, and this is our "hello world" post!
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