3 Essential Items For Your Wife’s First Trimester of Pregnancy

Navigating the First Trimester

As expecting fathers, we witness this incredible journey that unfolds before our eyes. For our wives, though, it’s a lot different. Although the fact that they are growing a little human being is incredibly exciting, it also comes with a lot of changes. The point of this article is to give insight on what played a crucial role for my wife and I during the first trimester. I asked her to tell me what 3 things were absolutely crucial during that period, so it’s not something I’m just making up on the spot.

Now, I’m fully aware that everyone is different, and experiences may vary. This was OUR experience, and I’m wanting to share it. If it can help one person, I’m happy with it!

1. REST!

During the first trimester, the body is going through so many changes. It’s preparing to grow a human being, so it’s natural! One thing that my wife experienced was fatigue. She would get tired so quick. She would sleep a good 6-8 hours through the night, but regardless of what we did during the day, she would feel fatigued and want to take a nap.

We all understand how important quality rest is for everyone, now add in all of these changes. It’s super important.

Gentleman, listen. She needs that nap.

2. Constant Snacks & Hydration To Avoid Nausea

Again, everyone is different. Not every woman experiences nausea, and for those that do experience it, it might be different.

Previously, we were used to eating three decent meals per day. This changed pretty quick during the first trimester. She realized that in order to avoid nausea, she needed to eat a lot smaller meals, but a LOT more frequently.

My wife found that if she didn’t eat within the first 10 minutes of waking up, she would feel terrible nausea. Then she also realized that she needed to always have some food in her stomach, otherwise she would start feeling nauseous.

So, we made it a habit to make a nutritious smoothie when we woke up. We would do strawberries, bananas, and greek yogurt, or milk. I would enjoy one with her. She would wait an hour or two, then eat something else, maybe a couple eggs and some fruit. Another hour or two later, snack on some nuts, beef jerky, and fruit/veggies. Then we’d have another “meal”, then a couple more snack sessions, then a little dinner. Regardless of what it was, we would make sure that we had some type of protein in every single meal.

Throughout all this, she would also be drinking water.

Now, IF she still experienced nausea, the only thing we found to work would be the Tummy Drops. Sometimes she would need to take two of them, but they worked pretty quick.

3. A Good Quality Prenatal Supplement

Depending on your regular diet, you may be missing deficient in essential nutrients needed for a fetus to develop properly. Some of these might include folate, B vitamins, vitamin C, vitamin d, or choline.

Recommending a specific brand of prenatal supplements is difficult, as there are a lot of quality ones available. One thing to note, though, is that getting them down is difficult for some women. My wife tried a specific brand, and EVERY SINGLE TIME she would take them, she would start gagging and nearly puke. She said it had a specific smell and taste to it that she couldn’t handle.

She ended up switching to another one and had no issues after that. Some women can’t stand the pills, and have an easy time with gummies. Some try gummies, and can’t stand them. Every woman is different, and you need to understand that.

It is important to ensure that if your diet does not contain some of these essential nutrients that you look into getting a prenatal supplement that contains them.

Support Your Wife Through the First Trimester

The first trimester is definitely an adjustment period. You’re learning about what your wife is going through and she’s adjusting to a human growing inside of her. It can be a lot! Just remember that it’s important to support her through it.

You might start thinking she’s being extra, but no. Her body is going through a lot, so changes do need to be made. You’re her support system. Be there for her, love on her, and learn with her. You’ve got this.

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