3 Ways To Support Your Wife During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is hard on women. Their bodies go through so much, and it’s something that as men, we will never understand. That’s okay, though, we’re not meant to.

What we can do, though, is do our best to support our wives throughout all of these changes.

Through our journey I have learned (and continue to learn) so much. Not just about what my wife is going through, but also how I can be a better husband for her. I can’t grow the baby, but I can do other things to show my support.

1. Continue To Love Her… HARD!

This goes without saying, but sometimes the reminder is needed. Your wife is going through so much. Not just physical, but mentally as well. Because of her body changes, she might start feeling down on herself. With that, she might think that you’re going to stop loving her because of that.

If you notice her going down that rabbit hole, stop her! Let her know how much you love her. Remind her that what she’s doing is one of the most beautiful things that a woman can do. Remind her that the child she’s carrying is a PRODUCT of your love for one another.

Don’t only tell her, but show her as well. Compliment her, let her know how beautiful pregnancy is on her, tell her she looks sexy/fine/hot whatever works for you both.

2. Learn And Understand What’s Going On

We want to love and support your wives throughout this journey. As men, it’s an instinct to want to provide.

Want to know what your wife is going to love? If you’re invested in the process and are learning with her as the pregnancy progresses. While it may be difficult for us at times (I know it was for me), taking the time to listen to what your lady is telling you goes so far. Does she have an app that sends daily updates on the baby’s growth? Listen. Understand where you are in the process.

As she starts going to appointments, go to as many as you possibly can. Yes, she’s growing the baby, but as the father, you should have an understanding of what’s going on as well. You can’t relate to her pains and what not, but understanding different aspects of pregnancy and labor will go so far. You’ll know where the baby is at, what she should expect as she progresses through each trimester, and how to just be knowledgable of the life growing inside of her.

3. Hold Her Accountable!

This is a big one, at least for my wife and I.

My wife was active before her pregnancy, enjoyed eating a certain diet, and limit those cheat meals.

One thing she mentioned after we found out that she was pregnant was that she wanted me to hold her accountable, and make sure that she continued along that same path. We knew adjustments needed to be made to her workouts, but she absolutely wanted to continue to workout in the gym AND go on at least 2 walks per week. She also wanted to make sure that she took her recommended multi-vitamins.

My job? Hold her accountable in these things! Not just my telling her to take this, or do that. I made sure to be a part of that routine with her. We go to the gym together when we can, I’ll take my vitamins/supplements when she takes hers, I’ll eat the same thing she eats mostly.

Doing that, I’m holding her accountable, and supporting her as well.

Now, not every day is going to be easy. Workouts and walks will be missed, supplements will be forgotten, she might not drink any water throughout the day, she might go grab a pizza for dinner. We’re human, we have cravings whether we’re pregnant or not!

Sometimes I’m the one to say “babe, you know what sounds good?” and she looks at me like “yuuuup.” and we end up going to grab a burger and fries.

For the most part, do your best to hold her accountable for the things she says she wants to do. Learn the balance for sure, but in my experience, my wife has truly appreciated the support I’ve given this way.

You’ve got this!

It’s a journey, and you’re going to mess up. Don’t feel like you need to be a perfect husband, because it won’t happen. You know what she’s going to love? That you’re giving it your best shot, and working to improve.

That’s all we can do fellas.

Until next time.

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