Day 1 Of Being A Father
If you haven’t read it yet, I wrote this post which describes the experience of giving birth, but through a husband’s perspective. What’s It Like Being A Father? I know this will...
Giving Birth: A Husband/Father's Perspective
This is the experience of child birth through a husband's eyes.
dr browns bottle sterilizer
Is The Dr. Brown's All-In-One Sterilizer Easy To Use and Setup?
For all of the new dads and parents out there wondering if the Dr. Brown’s All-In-One sterilizer is easy to use and setup, your answer is yes. You don’t really need to read any further. I’m...
What to Expect During the Second Trimester of Pregnancy
The Exciting Journey of the Second Trimester Witnessing the miracle of pregnancy just happen before your eyes is honestly incredible. It’s filled with so much anticipation, curiosity, and learning....
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