6 Essential Self-Care Tips for New Fathers
As a soon-to-be father, the journey of parenthood is so exciting, yet overwhelming. I’ve spoken about it in this article previously. We are helping welcome a new life to the world, of course it’s...
3 Ways To Support Your Wife During Pregnancy
Pregnancy is hard on women. Their bodies go through so much, and it’s something that as men, we will never understand. That’s okay, though, we’re not meant to. What we can do, though,...
Nervous about being a new father?
It’s understandable to feel exactly how you’re feeling right now. You just received some of the most life changing news anyone could receive! There’s probably a million thoughts going...
brand new dad
Welcome to The Brand New Dad!
This blog is for the brand new dads of the world, and this is our "hello world" post!
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